3 Sparks to Fire Your Passion

Ever feel like you’re running a race on ever-changing terrain? We live in a world that is sometimes rocky, or uphill, or speeding downhill out of control. The only consistency, it seems, is inconsistency. In our careers, in our relationships, and in our lives. We need a reliable system we can turn to, so no matter what is going on in the world, our industry, or our lives — we have our footing. We need a consistent roadmap, so we don’t give up on our highest goals. I put this system through the wringer as an Award-Winning TV Host, Acclaimed Author, and Competitor on NBC’s American Ninja Warrior. Here are 3 Sparks from the System to fire up your engines!

1. What’s a goal you don’t want to give up on?

There’s never a perfect time for the goals in our hearts. Sometimes we never even ask the question, and so we never get clarity on this critical Northstar.  Ambiguity is where goals die. The lack of clarity around what is important causes our goals to get swept away into the river current of busyness, pressures, and other people’s demands. Take a moment and explore the goals you really want for yourself, knowing that if we don’t do it for ourselves, the river will just keep surging and wash them away!

2. Commit before you’re ready

One of my greatest lessons as a Host and Competitor on NBC’s American Ninja Warrior is to dive in before we’re ready. And to dive in the deep end! Imperfectly, a little messy, maybe even with a little self-judgment or judgments from others. That’s okay. Because we will be in the waters of what we really want, not separate and gazing from the edge — we are in it. Get in that water, whether it’s a swan dive or a belly flop! 🙂

3. Connect with Your Support

We all have elements in our lives that lift us up or drag us down. I call them Floats and Anchors. Now, as we commit to this journey of high achievements. We need to slide every variable we can to a Float, rather than an Anchor. As you go through your days, simply ask yourself: Does this lift me up or drag me down? This action, this choice, this habit, this person. Does it lift you up or drag you down? Then stack your deck with support.

My deepest thrill and passion is helping people achieve the goals that are in your heart. The ones that aren’t quite real yet and maybe we don’t think they ever could be — those goals. They can be real, and you can make it happen. Get clarity on what matters. Commit before you’re ready, and stack your deck with support. You might just surprise yourself of what you can do!