Tim Mousseau

Tim Mousseau blends original research, powerful stories about his experiences as a survivor of workplace sexual harassment, and deliberate engagement to help create more human organizations where people can show up authentically and share their creative ideas.


  • Burnout Prevention
  • Bystander Intervention
  • Change Management
  • Employee Engagement
  • Human Resources
  • Leadership
  • Sexual Harassment/Violence
  • Workplace Culture

Getting to Know

Tim Mousseau

Tim Mousseau’s mission centers around creating people-first spaces where everyone feels safe enough to show up authentically and share their creative ideas. Tim blends original research, shares vulnerably about his experiences as a survivor of workplace sexual harassment, and uses deliberate engagement to help create more human organizations that feel safer and welcoming for everyone.

Throughout the last nine years, Tim’s clients have spanned the Fortune 1000 and industries unified by the desire to create safer cultures. Over 400 companies, trade associations, and global retail franchises, including FMC Corporation, Meeting Professionals International, SHRM, and beyond have partnered with Tim. Building off original research with 1500+ participants, Tim has designed a customizable framework and identified proven tactics to prevent harm, cultivate feelings of safety, and reinforce human-centered cultures.


Alone In A Crowded Office: Overcoming Harmful Behaviors That Foster Isolation

Toxic acts have no place at work, yet too often, people experience harm. Preventing harm takes more than only stopping the most severe behaviors. Unaddressed violations at any level heighten isolation, derail creativity, and erode trust. Research estimates that only 3 of 10 workers feel like their voices matter.
Your people’s unfiltered opinions and creative ideas are your greatest assets. How can you be sure they feel safe enough to speak up? How can you guarantee they feel empowered to advocate for themselves and others?

Attendees will adopt a people-first framework to label rooted issues and identify organizational initiatives grounded in collective buy-in. Participants will acquire skills to confidently advocate for their voices and ensure that everyone feels empowered to speak up, regardless of their role, tenure, or social capital. Team members and leaders will leave excited to reinforce healthy practices that build a more welcoming culture for all.

Organizational Impact

As a result of attending this program, participants will learn:

  • Diagnose why the type or severity of harmful behaviors are less critical than their neurological impact and how any level of harm can create isolation, derail creativity, and erode trust.
  • Implement a tailored framework to reflect on obstacles and trust gaps before outlining organizational practices, investments, and policies to prevent harm.
  • Transform how they authentically seek out, hear, and act upon their people’s perspectives to identify inclusive solutions rooted in team member buy-in.
  • Cultivate humanity-centered skills to ensure confidence and care when advocating for their safety needs and the needs of others.
IDeal Audience
  • Forward-thinking organizations and associations willing to challenge ineffective, toxic, or outdated status quos to create more engaging spaces.
  • Leaders seeking effective, researched, and people-centered solutions to address high turnover and bolster meaningful engagement.
  • All levels of team members to create trust so that everyone feels comfortable speaking up to share valuable information without fear of reprisal or isolation.
  • Employees and leaders operating in fast-paced or high-pressure environments where trust gaps, undue stress, or a scarcity of resources can drive isolation, stifle creativity, or increase turnover.

Putting Our People First: Creating Engaged Cultures Where Everyone Feels Safe

Feelings of safety are vital in creating spaces where people can engage as their best selves. It is impossible to be present if we feel unsafe. This is true no matter the type or severity of harm faced. Unaddressed or recurring safety gaps erode organizational trust, limit productivity, stifle people’s voices, and ultimately cause us to check out.

But when do we feel safe? The results are profound. People who feel safe build stronger relationships, are more engaged, make creative decisions, and experience a deeper sense of belonging.

Creating safe environments doesn’t happen by chance. It requires intentional organizational efforts and investing in our people’s voices to drive inclusive change.

Applying the Feel Safe framework to their unique culture, participants work through a process that empowers them to reimagine a people-centered workplace. Participants will diagnose safety gaps before distinguishing individual and organizational paths that foster feelings of safety. Working together, they will conceptualize a company where everyone feels welcome and people thrive.

Organizational Impact

As a result of attending this program, participants will learn:

  • Diagnose the obstacles creating a lack of safety and identify preventable sources of isolation, exhaustion, or disconnect.
  • Adopt empathy-based measures to restore trust and overcome uneven power dynamics, ineffective norms, or harmful status quos.
  • Acquire actionable knowledge of how feelings of safety enhance engagement, foster creative decision-making, and support inclusive cultures.
  • Master the Feel Safe framework, bridging their people’s skills and organizational capabilities to prevent neurological stress responses and help people feel present.
IDeal Audience
  • Organizations and teams where their people’s creative ideas and unfiltered opinions are their greatest assets.
  • Companies or industries where people are suffering from stress, exhaustion, or isolation due to recent organizational shifts, high-pressure periods, or external events.
  • Leaders invested in creating healthy workplace cultures that drive meaningful belonging, creative decision-making, and engaging work.
  • Managers desiring people-centered skills training to balance supporting their team’s safety needs while advancing organizational initiatives for lasting change.

Because We Matter: Reframing the Workplace Sexual Harassment Conversation

We matter. Since we spend nearly 90,000 hours working, we deserve to feel this way at our jobs. Experiencing any toxic behaviors, including sexual harassment, deprives us of this vital truth. Unfortunately, roughly 34% of women and 13% of men report facing harassment at work. Research also shows that cookie-cutter and templated prevention programs create few proven results. It is time to reframe how we approach this sensitive topic.

As a survivor of workplace sexual harassment, Tim knows firsthand how toxic behaviors rob us of our abilities to show up authentically and voice our most creative ideas. In this program, Tim draws from his original research, personal experiences, and years of advocacy to challenge ineffective status quos and address what matters when building healthy, people-centered workplaces.

Tim helps organizations, leaders, and team members reframe how they approach harassment to foster cultures where people trust they can show up as their whole selves without fear of experiencing harm. We matter. Let’s build an enduring culture of care where everyone knows this is true.

Organizational Impact

As a result of attending this program, participants will learn:

  • Gain an actionable understanding of how any lack of safety impacts people on a neurological level and why feeling safe is vital to creative, high-performing, and healthy teams.
  • Acquire tailored skills to advocate for their safety needs and the needs of others.
  • Learn how the derailing beliefs of I Don’t Know How, No One Will Care, or Nothing Will Change reinforce apathy and how to overcome these norms.
  • Explore team practices that cultivate empathy, overcome harm, and curate an inclusive culture of care.


Ideal Audience:

This Program is Perfect for:

  • Human Resources and organizational leaders seeking a novel, compelling, and engaging approach to mandated sexual harassment prevention and training.
  • Helping teams achieve high performance while enjoying what they are doing and how they are accomplishing this.
  • All levels of team members to create trust so that everyone feels comfortable sharing valuable information without fear of reprisal or isolation.
  • Organizations that care about their people feeling empowered to speak up and where their people’s perspectives are vital in guiding their direction.

The Feel Safe Assessment

Since 2020, Tim has conducted research with over 1500 employees and managers. Throughout his research on the impacts of feeling unsafe, people have overwhelmingly shared that experiencing any level of harm derails their engagement. Further, people revert to the same disengagement behaviors when facing recurring minor violations as when experiencing severely toxic behaviors.

Tim also studies what happens when organizations center their cultures on feelings of safety. In safe cultures, people speak up and voice their most creative ideas. People authentically show up and build stronger relationships. And people are excited to engage and better commit to shared goals.

Tim created the Feel Safe assessment and benchmarking based on his inaugural research. This assessment helps organizations:

  • Identify the obstacles preventing your people from sharing their voices.
  • Highlight informal and formal safety gaps that result in low engagement, heighten undue stress, and derail creative thinking.
  • Provide you with proven immediate and long-term tactics centered around teaching skills, shifting cultural norms, and advancing intentional initiatives.

Deploying this assessment before your program will allow Tim to customize his content to fit your organization. Designed to remove common frictions that derail feedback collection, the assessment takes no more than 5 to 10 minutes per person.

At the end of your partnership, Tim will present your leadership and desired stakeholders with a breakdown of his findings and deliver a summary report with proven tactics already being deployed at other organizations to help guide your decisions.

Tim can also customize the Feel Safe assessment to your unique needs. Customization can include focusing on specific issues or using tailored research tools. Tim has also conducted ongoing research for past clients, including deploying surveys, hosting focus groups and interviews, and auditing policies.

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