Impactful Masculinity Speakers

National Masculinity Week (NMW) is observed the 3rd full week of October, however you can choose any week of the year that will work best for your community. What is most important is that your community identifies a week each year that they come together to change the conversation of what it means to be a man and to explore healthier norms of masculinity.

To help celebrate this week, we have compiled a list of speakers for your National Masculinity Week celebrations. These exceptional individuals hail from diverse backgrounds and possess a wealth of experiences, sharing their distinctive insights and stories to make a lasting impact on audiences.


Tim Mousseau uses passion and vulnerability to guide conversations that will leave participants inspired to combat sexual violence, redefine masculinity, and provoke change. In a vulnerable, honest, and authentic conversation, Tim helps everyone understand various obstacles that can shift masculinity from being healthy to causing harm.



Alex Weber believes you are unstoppable! Your challenges, fears, and failures are the gatekeepers to your success — Alex Weber has your keys. As an American Ninja Warrior and Award-Winning Speaker, Alex Weber inspires participants to approach leadership with positivity to become a leader for yourself — and the people who need you!