Suzan Nguyen

Suzan Nguyen

Suzan Nguyen passionately supports individuals in growing from bitter to better. She empowers them to identify & embrace their scars to tell their stories.


  • AAPI Focused
  • Authenticity
  • Disability Awareness
  • Leadership
  • Mental Health
  • Motivation & Inspiration
  • Personal Growth
  • Resilience
  • Self-Esteem




Suzan Nguyen is a Happiness Coach, 2x TedX Speaker, Published Author of ‘One Arm but Not Unarmed’, Instructor and Entrepreneur.

Suzan experienced a life-altering event after a traumatic car accident. In waking up from this near-death experience, she was introduced to her new self, with the loss of her dominant arm. While re-learning how to accomplish basic life tasks, she also experienced re-learning to live life. Emotionally, she ventured into a very dark place, one that left her hopeless, bitter, and vulnerable.

Until one day- she decided to take her life experience and #bebetter instead of bitter.

With the help of those around her, Suzan coached herself out of that bitter place. She learned how to create joy from within and began helping others do the same. Her mission in life became clear- to help others turn adversities into advantages. To empower others to be better, not bitter.
Suzan has completed coaching classes at the Institute of Excellence in Professional Coaching and continues to stay educated about her passion- Positive Psychology.

Suzan was crowned Mrs. Universal Empire Queen in London. A pageant that celebrates diversity, and women empowerment.

Suzan has also launched Be Better Life Academy; a global online course helping others overcome adversity. The content has been curated from her personal experiences and will empower those to recognize, confront, and embrace their pain when faced with misfortune. Suzan is confident the course will change lives and potentially save lives.


Be Better, Not Bitter

Suzan was involved in a traumatic car accident at the age of 22, and as a result of that, her right arm was amputated. She was in the worst place she had ever known. She wasn’t sure if she was going to recover and there were many moments where she wasn’t sure if she would make it out alive. Suzan had to retrain her brain to be positive, to remain resilient, and to persevere. It wasn’t easy but giving up and giving in to the negativity was not an option.

In this keynote, Suzan shares her journey with others to help them discover a path where they choose to Be Better, Not Bitter.

She shares her experience in overcoming major adversity and the trials and tribulations that led her to embrace and accept her new reality. Suzan connects with her audiences on a very personal and emotional level as she shares my journey through the darkness of being bitter, and into the light of being better.

  • Learn how to be vulnerable and recognize, confront and embrace their pain,
  • Understand how to become resilient and to persevere through life’s obstacles, and
  • Learn how to create joy from within which is crucial to living a happier life.

Dignity in Disability

Imagine starting your day as a fully-abled-bodied person, experiencing a life-changing car accident, and ending your day having lost an arm.

This was the reality Suzan Nguyen experienced at the age of 22 years young.

Learning to live as an amputee while facing significant life changes and navigating endless challenges put Suzan in her darkest moments.

In this program, Suzan takes you on a journey through life from a disabled lens. She will speak about her experiences from having to re-learn basic life tasks after the loss of her arm to facing daily microaggressions. Suzan will share how a mortifying incident at her local grocery store led to her training the store’s staff and inspiring a more inclusive and respectful culture toward the disabled community.
When living with a disability, you are given a choice to live with dignity or shame. In this inspirational program, audiences will learn how they themselves can live with dignity and give dignity to others.

  • Learn how to approach, empathize, and embrace people living with a disability.
  • Learn how to be a better ally by learning how to become more aware of language and unconscious bias.
  • Learn actionable insights and tools you can use immediately.

Combating Automatic Negative Thoughts (ANTs) and Cultivating Well-Being

Negative thoughts have a profound impact on our well-being, affecting our mood, relationships, and overall happiness.

In this program, we will explore effective strategies to combat Automatic Negative Thoughts (ANTs) and foster a positive mindset.

With over 60,000 thoughts per day, it’s crucial to address the 80% of negative and repetitive thoughts that can hinder personal growth and happiness.

  • Learn how to identify negative thoughts (ANTs)
  • Learn how to turn negative thoughts into positive energy
  • Develop strategies for reframing your mindset and negative self-talk
  • Learn how to reframe stress and embrace change personal growth encompasses both aspects of the self.
  • Create a capacity for success

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