Tom Healy

Tom Healy is a lifelong entrepreneur who has dedicated his entire professional life to helping leaders & entrepreneurial organizations reach their Peak Potential. His passion is helping the people and organizations he works with get better, faster.


  • Character Development
  • Employee Engagement
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership
  • Mentorship
  • Motivation & Inspiration
  • Peak Performance


Tom Healy

Tom Healy is passionate about helping leaders & entrepreneurial organizations reach their Peak Potential.

As a teenager, Tom started his first business and his entrepreneurial spirit has only grown. Over his professional career, Tom has founded multiple successful companies, published three books, developed online education used on over 100 college campuses, delivered over 1,000 presentations and helped hundreds of organizations get better, faster. Anyone who has worked with Tom will tell you that he relentlessly pushed them through actionable ideas, not a warm and fuzzy pep talk. Tom has been fortunate to help a wide range of organizations, including startups, rapidly scaling companies, national non-profits, the United States Navy, the Harvard Medical School and Fortune 500 companies.

Tom is an active member of his community and has spent his entire professional life in Scottsdale, AZ. His community involvement includes serving on multiple boards and volunteering his time for non-profits. In his free time, Tom enjoys traveling with his family and is an avid golfer.


Peak Potential

Tom Healy believes that we each have incredible potential inside of us… but it is worthless unless we discover it and use it. In this program, Tom helps participants to process their personal origin story, identify the biggest themes in their lives, and learn how to channel this in order to reach their Peak Potential as a leader.

  • How to identify the biggest themes in their lives that guide them as a person
  • The specific activities that give them energy so they can identify their unique greatness
  • The power of resiliency and value of a strong work ethic
  • Specific ways to channel their passion to make the people and community around them better as a leader
  • The importance of the people in their lives and how these people shape them
  • How to craft a personal mission statement to reach their Peak Potential
Ideal Audience:

This Program is Perfect For 

  • High-Performing leaders who want to get better
  • High-Potential employees you want to develop into leaders

Recruit, Develop & Retain Top Talent

Learn what high performers are looking for so you can recruit, develop and retain A-players throughout your organization. Tom will break down the best practices in attracting high performers, effectively developing them, designing the right compensation packages, coaching them properly and retaining them for years. Implementing the ideas in this program will position you to have a higher performing team.

  • How high-performers are different than the rest of the workforce and what an A-player specifically looks like in your organization
  • How to attract A-players by designing job descriptions and roles that are appealing to them
  • How to craft an onboarding and ongoing development process that helps your people perform at a higher level while having the resources they need to succeed
  • The art and importance of designing a compensation package that high-performing people will love while also aligning with your organizations key performance metrics
  • How to provide coaching, rather than antiquated management tactics, in a way that quickly improves the performance of your talent while making them feel like they are receiving valued development in key areas of their professional growth
  • Creating retention mechanisms that help you retain your top talent for years instead of experiencing the pain and costs related to turnover
Ideal Audience:

This Program is Perfect For 

  • Leaders of organizations looking to attract and retain better people
  • Hiring managers who want high-performers in their organization

Creating a Performance Culture

Keynote Description: To scale an organization quickly, you must have a culture of coaching and development that leads to high-performance out of each team member. In this keynote, Tom will show you how to conduct impactful coaching sessions, quickly develop your people and hold them accountable to key performance metrics. Your high-performers deeply value coaching and development, while you organization wants results, so learn how to create a win-win situation by building coaching into every aspect of your organization.

  • How to separate managing from coaching and why that matters
  • How to conduct coaching sessions that maximize performance
  • Creating a specific coaching cadence inside your organization
  • How to either identify and develop internal coaches or outsource coaching to an outside firm
  • Properly measuring the results and impact that coaching has inside your organization
Ideal Audience:

This Program is Perfect For 

  • CEOs who want to shift the culture of their organization
  • C-Suite executives interested in a results-oriented culture 

Fully-Customized Strategic Planning Session

Tom Healy will spend a half or full day with your leadership team to develop a meaningful strategic plan for your organization. Everything about this experience is fully customized so that you gain the clarity and plan needed to execute moving forward. Tom has done strategic planning for organizations ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies and has a deep passion for these sessions and the results they produce. Following the session, Tom will provide you with a document outlining the plan that was developed, the goals that were established and the specific objectives that need to be completed to ensure this session has a significant ROI.

Ideal Audience:

This Program is Perfect For 

  • Company Leadership who want to develop a strategic plan

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