Impactful AAPI Speakers for Your Organization

Asian American Pacific Islander Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated every year in the month of May. This special time is dedicated to honoring and acknowledging the valuable contributions made by APPI Americans. AAPI speakers play a crucial role in educating and increasing awareness about the rich history, culture, and achievements of the AAPI community. By booking a speaker for Asian American Pacific Islanders, we can effectively commemorate this month and amplify the voices and experiences of the AAPI community.

To help celebrate this month, we’ve compiled a list of keynote speakers for Asian American Pacific Islander Hispanic Heritage Month. These exceptional individuals hail from diverse backgrounds and possess a wealth of experiences, sharing their distinctive insights and stories to make a lasting impact on audiences.


Sam Hyun is a social activist who has worked tirelessly in raising awareness and speaking out against the rising anti-Asian xenophobia, violence, and racism. He believes that anti-racism must include eradicating anti-Asian hate to create an equitable and loving community. By amplifying the voices and perspectives of the AAPI Community, he strives to create understanding, social impact, and change.



Tianna Faye Soto is a Puerto Rican, Jamaican-Chinese storyteller. She empowers participants to care for their mental health and wellness and face their journey with confidence. Her work is heart-centered, service-driven, culturally informed, and rooted in empathy. She encourages participants to celebrate and embrace their backgrounds and be proud of their unique stories.