Archie Messersmith-Bunting

Archie Messersmith-Bunting is saving lives one high-energy, dynamic presentation at a time. He believes that self-care is selfless, your mental health matters, and that our feelings & emotions are not to be ignored.


  • Employee Engagement
  • Leadership
  • Mental Health & Wellness
  • Peak Performance
  • Resiliency
  • Stress Management
  • Suicide Prevention
  • Workplace Culture




Using dynamism and authenticity, Archie Messersmith-Bunting champions mental health awareness nationwide. His vulnerability helps participants rethink complicated and emotional topics like depression, suicide, alcohol, and drug addiction.

Archie reaches students personally as he openly and honestly shares his own struggle with addiction and clinical depression. He weaves research of top therapists and addiction specialists into his storytelling, allowing audiences to understand and feel the potential for loss and pain. He guides attendees to a place of self-reflection, encouraging them to find balance and reclaim the power of the emotional baggage that often controls their lives.

Archie offers a vibrant mix of life lessons that leaves students inspired, empowered and ready to make authentic changes. Ultimately, helping re-frame the narrative that tough topics can and should be tackled together to overcome life’s deepest sorrows.

Archie attended Samford University for his Bachelor’s degree and received a Master’s of Science in College & Student Personnel Administration from Illinois State University.


If Everyone is “Fine” – Then What’s Wrong With Me?

Have you ever wondered how we became a society of “fine”? When did the “Feeling Train” get so far off the track? How did we all become conditioned to be “fine” 24-hours a day, 7-days a week and, more importantly, can we get the Train back on track?

The good news, the research suggests it’s possible. The even better news, it might not be as hard as we think.

In the program, Archie Messersmith-Bunting helps participants better understand both anxiety and depression and how those mental health challenges might show up in their family, friends, or colleagues. Participants will then be led through a guided discovery period to identify their beliefs and assumptions about “feelings” and craft ways they can lead with feelings.

Join Archie Messersmith-Bunting as we discuss the science behind your feelings, discover new ways to express what you’re feeling, and learn all important questions to ask when you are worried someone in your life might not be “fine”.

  • Define the difference between “mental health” and “mental illness”.
  • Review the signs and symptoms of the two most common mental health challenges: anxiety and depression.
  • Discover their beliefs and assumptions about “feelings”.
  • Learn the professional & personal benefits of EQ.
  • Identify practical steps they can take to begin to “lead with feelings”.

What if I’m the Problem?

Have you ever heard the phrase “Change your mind, change your life” and thought – “Nah – that’s not for me! I’ll just work harder and make things happen!” But what if there was actual scientific truth to all this mindset conversation you’ve been hearing? (Spoiler alert: there is!)

We hold beliefs about all things. Those beliefs have a direct influence over what we do or do not achieve. When we have empowering beliefs, our achievements can feel almost effortless. If we have self-limiting or disempowering beliefs, then it can often feel like we are pushing a big rock up a steep hill. And, as we’ve all likely experienced, we often stop pushing before we ever reach the top. Not because we can’t reach it, but because we believe that we can’t.

Let’s learn to harness the power of our mind and flip the script on our disempowering beliefs.

  • Learn to inventory areas of your own life where disempowering beliefs are prevalent.
  • Identify the key scientific areas of mindfulness.
  • Learn to be empowered to apply research-based techniques to their daily lives.

It’s Okay Not To Be Okay

Mental illness: Depression, Anxiety, Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder. These words have shame and an enormous stigma attached to them. Although there is progress in the mental health field, it isn’t happening fast enough for mental illness sufferers. Often people don’t feel comfortable saying, “I need help” or “I’m really not okay.”

In this program, Archie Messersmith-Bunting details his own mental health struggles and reminds attendees, “it’s okay not to be okay.” He encourages attendees to take personal action: tell someone and talk about your feelings. This is the beginning of true healing and happiness.

Participants learn how to identify signs their co-worker, family member, or peer may be struggling and how to connect them to support resources. They will also discover action steps to encourage help-seeking while avoiding the less-than-helpful things many say to those struggling with depression.

  • Learn to review the most commonly diagnosed mental health issues today and learn their symptoms.
  • Learn to identify non-verbal signs that a co-worker might need support.
  • Learn to evaluate their own self-care plan and brainstorm ways it could be improved.
  • Participants are empowered to engage in help-seeking behavior.

Just One More

In life, we tend to think that small, seemingly insignificant choices have no real impact on our lives. Archie learned firsthand how it is simply not true. He shares with attendees how a series of choices he made to cover up unbelievable pain  led to not only his first drug, but years of “just one more.”

While most attendees will not find themselves in a hospital ICU as a result of a drug overdose, most of us know someone who battles alcoholism or addiction. Understanding the “why” behind their usage and self-destructive behaviors reminds us to be kind to the person who is battling a very controlling disease.

In this powerful program, Archie  uses his personal journey to show how easily life can go off track. Participants will also learn how to spot potential warning signs in those they are close to, and how to communicate with someone headed in the wrong direction with alcohol and/or drugs.

  • Gain a new perspective on alcohol and drug addiction and how it impacts those they are close to.
  • Identify potential warning signs that someone they work with or love may be struggling with alcohol and/or drug abuse.
  • Learn appropriate conversation starters with those who may be struggling with alcoholism or addiction.

Leading During Turbulent Times

Effectively managing a team has always been challenging, but leadership during and post-pandemic is a whole new ball game. With all the noise in the world, it’s hard to focus on your team and lead with purpose.

With a new leadership framework Archie has created, your managers will learn to focus on their most critical leadership priority – the people on their team.

  • Learn to re-examine their current leadership priorities and identify areas where they can refocus their time and attention.
  • Learn to identify what is truly important in their teams.
  • A new leadership framework to allow them to be more intentional in their leadership practices.

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