Angela Gargano

Angela Gargano is a 5x American Ninja Warrior and founder of Pullup Revolution, which has helped 500+ women complete their first pullup. She’s a fierce athlete whose mission is to revolutionize how people feel about their bodies and helps them develop a winning mindset to overcome life obstacles and barriers with grit and determination.


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  • Women’s Empowerment
  • Health & Wellness
  • Mental Health
  • Stress Management
  • Resilience
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Angela Gargano is a fierce athlete, coach, international fitness model, and speaker. Before becoming a full-time multi-passionate entrepreneur, Angela worked as a biochemist at Brown University. Since throwing in the lab coat and goggles in 2013 to open her own gym in Cranston, Rhode Island, Angela has truly lived multiple lives in the athletic and entrepreneurial space, defying odds and setbacks to become an authentic and relatable voice to the public eye.

Angela has now competed on American Ninja Warrior 5x, won the Title of Miss Fitness America 2016, and created an online fitness empire for women called Strong Feels Good, where she teaches women to ditch the scale and focus on strength and feeling as a way to measure progress. She has also helped over 500 women conquer their pull-ups with her online program, Pull-up Revolution. In the summer 2021, Angela appeared worldwide as the Oxygen Magazine Covergirl, where she spoke about tearing her ACL on the Ninja Warrior course and coming back 11 months later stronger than ever.

Angela Gargano has not only conquered physical obstacles on Ninja Warrior but also overcome personal challenges. Her resilience has shaped her belief in the limitless potential within each person. When Angela steps onto the stage, her intention is not only to inspire but also to instill a deep sense of belief in her audience. She hopes to share the tools and strategies that have helped her navigate hurdles and achieve success, so they you can too!

If you seek a speaker who inspires and equips individuals with the tools to overcome obstacles and reach their full potential, look no further than Angela Gargano. She will provide your audience with an unforgettable experience that empowers your participants to embrace their inner strength and conquer the impossible.


What If It All Goes Right? Even when it isn’t…

There is enormous power in shifting your mindset—especially when it seems as if everything is going wrong. BUT WHAT IF IT GOES RIGHT? is about changing your perspective to understand how and why what is happening in your life, even at the toughest moments, is happening for you, not to you. Although the world may seem dark and scary, this inspirational keynote shows participants that you have complete control of how you see your life and choose to act. Why live in a world where everything sucks when, by shifting your mindset, you can live in a world full of possibility and positivity?

In this keynote, Angela Gargano shares her story from an insecure and anxious teenager to misdirected young adult to becoming a woman who saw how to step into her power. Her keynote blends personal stories with stories from other high-achieving people who overcame challenges by shifting their attitudes. Participants will learn specific, actionable steps they can take right now to change their perspective and control their life.

  • Learn how to identify “what going right” even looks like its not.
  • Learn how to create a game plan for your dream life.
  • Learn how to focus on your life instead of comparing yourself to others.
  • Learn how “Saying No” actually will bring you closer to your goals.
  • Lear how to be able to identify your core values, non-negotiables & values.
  • Learn how to persist when things go wrong and lean into discomfort.

From Self Conscious to Self Confident

Angela Gargano’s accomplishments may give the impression that she was born with unwavering self-confidence. However, beneath those impressive titles lies a profound journey of self-consciousness and personal growth. Angela’s story unveils her struggles, battling with body image, self-worth, and the arduous process of learning to accept and love her body in the face of societal pressures. After tearing her ACL two times, including once on America Ninja Warrior, she was forced to look deep within her insecurities to re-identify who she was beyond looks & athleticism and find the deeper sense of self-worth she needed.

With her heartfelt speech, Angela Gargano delivers a profound message that resonates with students. She not only acknowledges the diverse range of emotions individuals experience regarding their self-image but also provides a source of understanding and empowerment. By sharing her own transformative experiences, Angela encourages listeners to shift their perspectives, dispelling any doubts they may harbor about themselves and their bodies Her mission is for students to start their journey towards self-acceptance, self-love, and unshakable confidence.

  • Learn how to Increase self-acceptance and body confidence by embracing your uniqueness.
  • Learn how to recognize personal strengths: Students will learn to shift their focus from aesthetic ideals to the inherent strength within their bodies.
  • Learn how to understand the importance of supportive communities.
  • Learn how to adopt of self-care and self-compassion practices with some key examples.
  • Learn how to recognize and improve negative self-talk.

Growth Hurts… “Literally” | The Power of Resilience

To be an American Ninja Warrior, you must be in peak condition both physically and mentally, have the flexibility to change, and be fearless of obstacles. Despite having all of these traits, Angela Gargano experienced the devastating setback of tearing her ACL. For most, this would end their athletic career, but not Angela. She defied the odds by not only making a remarkable physical comeback and returning to future competitions but also through her recovery, dedicating herself to developing her inner strength.

In this keynote, Angela Gargano delves into the transformative power of resilience, demonstrating how she utilized resilience to face adversity head-on. She shares the techniques she employed to cultivate resilience, including allowing herself to sit in the “suck” and feel what she needed to feel, how she shifted her negative mindset into a positive one, how she developed a support system by borrowing the beliefs from others while she struggled mentally, and what mattered in the come-back. By sharing her vulnerability and openly discussing her emotional journey, she empowers students to confront their challenges and channel their inner resilience.

  • Learn how to gain insight into how resilience can help them face challenges, overcome setbacks, and achieve personal growth.
  • Learn the importance of recognizing and accepting that growth often comes with physical and mental pain and how to navigate and embrace discomfort on their journey.
  • Develop a positive mindset as a crucial tool for resilience, enabling them to maintain optimism, focus, and motivation in the face of adversity.
  • Recognize the significance of nurturing their mental and emotional well-being alongside physical rehabilitation, understanding that personal growth encompasses both aspects of the self.
  • Engage in self-reflection, practice self-care, and show self-compassion, as these practices build resilience and thrive in challenging situations.

The Little Things Matter

Angela Gargano believes in order to supercharge your productivity, you must first understand that the little things matter. In order to turn adversity into an opportunity, you must first create the foundation that will be the catalyst for your success.

In the program, Angela Gargano highlights five key health and wellness tips that have played a pivotal role in supercharging her productivity. These tips, often overlooked but incredibly impactful, serve as a reminder that the little things truly matter when it comes to achieving our goals and living a fulfilling life. Angela emphasizes the importance of nurturing physical, mental, and emotional health in order to achieve optimal productivity. By sharing her own experiences and insights, she aims to empower individuals to take charge of their well-being and unlock their full potential.

  • Learn the transformative power of turning adversity into an opportunity for growth and personal development.
  • Learn how to recognize the importance of prioritizing self-care to optimize productivity and achieve goals.
  • Understand the five key health and wellness tips that can significantly impact overall well-being and productivity: nutrition, exercise, mindfulness, sleep, and self-reflection.
  • Learn the practical strategies and actionable steps to implement these health and wellness tips into daily routines.
  • Learn how to take charge of one’s well-being and unlock their full potential, leading to remarkable achievements in personal and professional life.

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Angela sure knows how to engage, entertain and inspire an audience! We invited her to come speak at our 2022 Women in Leadership Conference by EmpowHer and she brought the HEAT! Over 150 women were amazed by her story and ability to provide actionable steps that related to their lives. Since the event we have gotten countless positive feedback asking for her to come back. I would recommend Angela 1000x over to be a speaker. She not only provided valuable content but also helped us grow as a company.

— Sam Conway

CEO, EmpowHer Community

We had the pleasure of booking Angela Gargano to speak both at our annual FITposium conference as well as a guest speaker for our Get Amped Mastermind. She brings fresh and vibrant energy to the stage, has a fantastic way of integrating the audience into her presentation and shows she truly cares about the outcome of the event beyond just the time she is presenting. That is why we have returned to her and will be doing so again!

— James Patrick

Founder, FITposium