Eric J. Rodriguez

Eric J. Rodriguez believes in continuous reinvention. To prepare for the new era of tomorrow, students must learn how to adapt to changing environments, expand their skills and evolve their perspectives.


  • Communication
  • Employee Engagement
  • Innovation
  • Latinx Focused
  • Leadership
  • Mentorship
  • Organizational Development
  • Workplace Culture




When Eric J . Rodriguez was just eleven years old, his family made the life-changing move from Houston to Ecuador. The stark contrast in wealth and poverty was a culture shock for young Eric, and he quickly realized the power of education in helping to bridge this gap.

It wasn’t until he was in seventh grade that Eric’s perspective on what was possible truly began to take shape. His school, El Colegio Javier, opened its first computer lab and Eric’s class was the first to use it. In just minutes, the students were connected to the rest of the world. This experience ignited Eric’s passion for technology and its potential to shape the future.

Since then, Eric has become a leader in the technology sector, collaborating with organizations such as Aguila Youth, SHPE, Prospanica, Intel Foundation, and INROADS. Eric holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Houston and an MBA from Loyola University in New Orleans.

In this era of constant change and disruption, Eric hopes to prepare his audiences to leave with an empowered perspective of the impact they can make.


The New Era Of…

In a world where change and uncertainty prevail, it’s easy to gravitate towards familiarity and cling to the known. However, some individuals possess the ability to embrace change, unlock new skill sets, and reshape the fabric of our world. Eric J. Rodriguez is one of those people.

From his early years in Ecuador to navigating unconventional career paths and overcoming the aftermath of a devastating hurricane, Eric has consistently embraced change rather than succumbing to stagnation. Now, he is ready to share his personal experiences and profound insights with you in a thought-provoking keynote.

In this thought-provoking keynote, Eric J. Rodriguez shares his personal experiences and insights on how to turn challenging times into unlocking something new in themselves and their organizations. Discover how the rapid digital transformation sweeping through today’s businesses and communities is ushering in a remarkable New Era of Leadership, a New Era of Opportunities, and a New Era of Change!

In the keynote, participants explore how embracing change can unlock new opportunities to extend the human aspects in every area. The focus is on empowering others to recognize these rapid changes as immediate opportunities to thrive and create a positive impact on their communities.

  • Learn about the rapid change occurring in all areas of personal and professional life.
  • Learn how to embrace disruption as an opportunity to extend the human aspects in their areas.
  • Understand a framework to help attendees see how humans can thrive as the world evolves exponentially.
  • Learn how to take action, leverage opportunities, and create positive impacts.
  • Companies managing rapid change in their markets
  • Organizations focused on retention and growth of employees
  • Teams thriving to lead the change in their companies

Your Legacy Is Now

In this program, we invite you to explore the transformative power of legacy leadership in the corporate world, fostering growth for both individuals and organizations. Join us as we delve into the leadership journey of Eric J. Rodriguez, a seasoned professional who has left a significant impact on various ventures and continues to inspire countless individuals.

Eric J. Rodriguez, a visionary leader, co-founded the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers during his college years, making a lasting impact on over 4000 students. Later, at Shell Oil in New Orleans, he played a crucial role in the city’s rebuilding efforts. Most recently, Eric led a multi-million dollar program, establishing career pathways into the technology sector, leaving a lasting impression beyond his time.

Eric believes that leadership begins early on in one’s career and extends well beyond it. This program aims to equip participants with the essential insights needed to become a 21st-century leader, leaving a positive and lasting impact on your company, profession, and Employee Resource Groups (ERGs).

Eric will lead this transformative journey, sharing his experiences and insights gained from leading impactful ventures in various settings. His journey as a legacy leader will serve as an inspiration and a roadmap for participants to follow.

  • Understand the significance of Employee Resource Groups in shaping leadership skills and positively impacting the company. Learn how these groups foster diversity, inclusivity, and innovation.
  • Discover effective strategies to encourage colleagues and team members to participate actively in company initiatives and Employee Resource Groups.
  • Empower individuals to take ownership of their roles in shaping a better organizational culture, driving a sense of belonging and shared purpose.
  • Recognize the potential long-term consequences of everyday actions and decisions within the organization and how they contribute to its growth and success.
  • Understand the profound connection between leaving a legacy and personal growth, fostering fulfillment in both professional and personal spheres.
  • Corporate Leaders and Executives
  • Professionals across all industries and career stages
  • Employee Resource Group Members and Leaders

Finding Your Unique Perspective

As the world is moving accelerated, it can be difficult to find our voice and sense of purpose. We might be wondering what makes us truly unique. Each of us has a unique perspective that comes from our personal experiences, interests, and values. And when we tap into that perspective, we can bring something special and valuable to the world around us.

In this program, Eric J. Rodriguez helps participants explore different strategies for discovering and cultivating their unique perspectives. How do we identify our strengths and challenge our assumptions and biases? Eric believes using and sharing your perspective will help you connect with others to make a positive impact.

  • Improve self-awareness, learn how to identify their unique strengths, interests, and values, and how do they contribute to their unique perspective.
  • Enhance their critical thinking skills, challenge their assumptions and biases, and how to navigate them as they build and share their perspective.
  • Improve communication skills, we will review how to articulate your perspective clearly and compellingly, which can help build stronger relationships and advance their careers.
  • Have greater empathy and understanding as organizations thrive to be global and inclusive.
  • Organizations focused on growing and leveraging the strengths of each team member
  • Teams dealing with stagnation and exploring how to unlock it in this rapidly changing world
  • Employee Resource Groups

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