Bobby Gordon

Bobby Gordon helps organizations find their vision, values, and voice. With a focus on non-profit organizations, he helps them revise and update mission statements, set realistic fundraising goals, and help engage donors, train volunteers, and steward stakeholders at all levels of the donor cycle.


  • Change Management
  • Communication
  • Innovation
  • LGBTQ+ Focused
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Organizational Development

Bobby Gordon, MA, MBA

Bobby Gordon has over 15 years of award-winning philanthropic experience volunteering, serving on several Boards of Directors, and consulting and advising non-profit organizations across various mission-driven community, social and health-impact organizations. His work has helped non-profit organizations to revise and update mission statements, set realistic fundraising goals, and help engage donors, volunteers, and stakeholders at all levels of the donor cycle. Bobby founded his own non-profit and understands all facets of non-profit management from end-to-end, and is proud to lend his experience, knowledge, and skills to non-profits at all stages in their development to help them reach and exceed their goals. 


Legal 101 | How to Be a Successful Board Member

So, you joined a Board of Directors to give back to the community. Now what? It’s more than just attending monthly or quarterly meetings. Is there a give-or-get requirement? What are your legal obligations? What potential risks to most non-profit organizations overlook? Bobby has created a comprehensive keynote that provides an overview for non-profit organizations at any stage in their organization history; whether new or existing. There are many items many organizations forget to implement, or simply don’t have the resources to focus on while attempting to reach fundraising and outreach goals. This must-have training is ideal for annual Board member training and new Board member orientation.

  • Learn the legal obligations of serving as a non-profit Board member 
  • Cover due diligence, risk management and other “legal” concepts most non-profits do not consider
  • Explore fiduciary responsibilities of Board members
  • Learn how to properly save and record meetings, financial statements, and other related records
Ideal Audience:

This Program is Perfect For

  • New Board of Directors members (orientation)
  • Existing Board of Directors members
  • New Non-Profit Organizations
  • Non-Profits Who Recently Updated By-Laws, Mission Statement, and other related records

Donor Relations & Engagement

This keynote leads Board members through the traditional donor life cycle with suggestions and best practices learned throughout Bobby’s career in assisting non-profit organizations in reaching and exceeding their goals. Donors can come from foundations, individuals, endowments, and even your every-day volunteers. Non-profit organizations often rely on one-off events to drive their major fundraising efforts, and Bobby will share insights on how to leverage the time “between” these events to engage and secure donors and other stakeholders in year-round fundraising and volunteering.

  • Explain best practices in engaging donors, volunteers and other stakeholders
  • Provide tips on engaging major corporations, foundation donations and related activities
  • Create familiarity with the Donor Life Cycle
Ideal Audience:

This Program is Perfect For

  • Board of Directors members
  • Major Volunteers (Committee Chairs, etc.)
  • Major Stakeholders and/or Involved Donors

Digital Marketing & Fundraising

The days of only sending mailers and having a once-a-year formal gala are over. The digital age is here and non-profits must understand how to leverage their website, social media, paid and organic keyword strategies to engage donors and volunteers at all levels of involvement, and to ensure consistency of your brand messaging across all platforms. Bobby will lead your organization through a keynote that provides emerging trends and best practices for digital, social media, and print messaging to help your non-profit remain relevant and innovative in reaching your goals while also gaining new insights and analytics to help inform your future strategies and goals. Bobby will review the “3-C’s” of fundraising (capacity, commitment and connection) along with other best practices. There are always emerging and innovative ways to engage your community in your collective, public or social benefits.

  • Understanding the outcomes of building your own website and/or investing in existing templates
  • Best practices of using social media channels (current and emerging)
  • Best practices for website design and layout
  • Best practices for graphic design options
  • Best and emerging practices for video engagement
  • Keyword strategies
  • Paid media vs. organic media
Ideal Audience:

This Program is Perfect For

  • Board of Directors members
  • Committee Chairs (i.e., webmaster/web development, social media chairs, graphic designers, etc.)

Non-Profit Strategic Planning

It’s often helpful to have a third party assist with strategic planning for a non-profit organization; someone who can help guide your Board, volunteers and stakeholders through discussions to engage stakeholders at all levels. This presentation provides an overview of the strategic planning processes that Bobby has found most useful in his work with non-profit organizations throughout his career. Participants will be provided with a road-map to start and identify mission-centric key priorities and strategies.

  • Identify various models of strategic planning for implementation
  • Identify gaps and implementing plans to meet key milestones
  • Understand how analytics and outcomes, beyond simply raising funds, can help to increase engagement over the long-term.


Ideal Audience:

This Program is Perfect For

  • Board of Directors members
  • Key Volunteers (Committee Chairs, etc.)
  • Key Stakeholders with Significant Investment in Programs (beyond simply donating funds)

Long-Term Engagement | Consulting Options for Non-Profits

This option is ideal for a new non-profit organization, or one who is looking to update their mission, vision and outcomes. Bobby will serve as a short- or long-term, engaged advisor and advocate for your mission-driven non-profit organization, assisting with most aspects of helping to create a vision, strategic plan, implementation, and analysis of milestones and success for your non-profit. Each strategic engagement plan is customized to the needs of your organization.

  • Customized and comprehensive strategic planning encompassing areas of need, including but not limited to all of the above mentioned areas


Ideal Audience:

This Program is Perfect For

  • Board of Directors members
  • Key Volunteers (Committee Chairs, etc.)
  • Key Stakeholders with Significant Investment in Programs (beyond simply donating funds)

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